Endangered Species: The Nice Guy

Save the Nice Guy: Say No to Douche Bags
Have you done your part to save the nice guy?

They use to roam the earth in large plentiful numbers. Their habitat extended all over the globe. They have since been relegated to solitary life and lurk in the shadows. Their numbers have been rapidly declining for the past few decades with no reprieve in sight, and if something isn’t done to save the Nice Guy they will soon be extinct.

Doing some research there appears to be multiple causes for their decline. The most severe reasons is due to the aggressive Douche Bag species.  As the Douche Bags have invaded the Nice Guy’s territory, it seems the female sex of the species flock to them and disregard the Nice Guys. The success rate at which Douche Bags are able to attract these females is alarmingly high. With the high rate of coupling the Douche Bags seem to reproduce rapidly, grooming their offspring to also be Douche Bags. This has left the Nice Guys with very few options, but to adapt. So what we often see is that the members of the Nice Guy species start to evolve into a Douche Bag. With this combination of the Douche Bags reproducing and the Nice Guys evolving into them, the Nice Guys population is at all time lows and the outlook doesn’t look good.

In order to save the Nice Guy species something drastic will need to take place. There has to be some sort of plan implemented before they go extinct. There is always a lot of talk, especially by  females, about how the Nice Guys are the better choice. Yet their actions always prove otherwise. So if the Nice Guy species is truly wanted, then that will definitely have to change. Will you help save the Nice Guy???

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