2011 New Year’s Resolutions

2010 is almost over! It seems to have taken forever. Although I have had some fun times, it has to be one of my worst years by far. It did give me a lot to think about and really caused me to accept some things I didn’t want to. I guess you can only lie to yourself for so long. I figure that 2011 will be a good time for a fresh start and to get things back on the right track. So without further-a-do here are my New Year’s resolutions for 2011: Be more positive Lose weight and get …

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Endangered Species: The Nice Guy

They use to roam the earth in large plentiful numbers. Their habitat extended all over the globe. They have since been relegated to solitary life and lurk in the shadows. Their numbers have been rapidly declining for the past few decades with no reprieve in sight, and if something isn’t done to save the Nice Guy they will soon be extinct. Doing some research there appears to be multiple causes for their decline. The most severe reasons is due to the aggressive Douche Bag species.  As the Douche Bags have invaded the Nice Guy’s territory, it seems the female sex …

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2010 Top 10 List: Sex Positions

This isn’t really just tied to this year, but I guess it could change from year to year. So here is my Top 10 list for sex positions in 2010. Again always feel free to leave comments, suggestions, new positions, or your own list! 🙂 10. Missionary (a classic, but a goody!) 9. Rear Entry (some might say it is the forbidden zone) 8. 69 (For both his and her pleasure) 7. Cowgirl 6. Rodeo 5. Spoon (a little tamer one) 4. Intersextion (adds a little twist) 3. Viennese Oyster (to help you reach deep) 2. Doggy Style (allows for …

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2010 Top 10 List: Sports Events

A lot has happened in the sports world this year. Here is my top 10 list of those events. 10. Favre Sexting Scandal 9. Cam Newton Recruitment Scandal 8. Cliff Lee Bolts to the Phillies 7. Tiger Woods Affair 6. Jimmie Johnson Wins Fifth Straight NASCAR Championship 5. San Francisco Giants win World Series 4. Favre’s Starting Streak ends at 297 3. Manny Pacquiao Continued his Climb with a Title in his 8th Weight Class 2. Spain Wins Its First Ever World Cup 1. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh Team up in Miami

2010 Top 10 List: Quotes

Here are some quotes I found funny or interesting from this year. Please feel free to share some of your own, create your own top 10 quotes list, or just comment on mine. 10. “Glad I’m already locked for the playoffs.” — John 9. “Do I have to be famous to adopt another country’s accent? I really enjoy saying “lickle” instead of “little”. — Clark 8. “Beer-smelling Gatorade” — Tomiko 7. “Well length can change…you will need wide though since your feet are so big” — Fedil 6. “Heteroflexible. As in… I’m straight, but shit happens” 5. “Sitting in a …

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Total Eclipse of December 2010

Tonight I had the opportunity to witness a very special treat. There was a total lunar eclipse. Although they aren’t that rare, for one to occur during the winter solstice is. The last time one occurred was said to be on December 21, 1638. It was a beautiful event. I also used this opportunity to expand upon my photography. With my camera and tripod in hand, I headed up to the roof of my apartment complex and setup for the night. The eclipse began close to 1am. The whole event lasted till about 4am in the morning. Unfortunately there were …

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Top 10 Lists of 2010

2010 is coming to a close and I for one am glad to see it go. Can’t wait to bring in 2011. Seeing as we have just a little bit longer to go I figured I would do something for the count down. So I figure I’ll do some top ten lists concerning things that have occurred in 2010. I decided I would do 10 of them leading up to the end of the year. So I’ll start doing 1 a day for the last 10 days of 2010. So keep an eye out. Hopefully they will be funny and …

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