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Trail Map of Sipapu NM MountainSo by this time tomorrow my friends and I should be off to Sipapu, NM for some more snowboarding fun. It is way late in the season, really the last weekend of the season, but we just didn’t want to wait all the way till next season before snowboarding again. So we picked Sipapu because it is extremely cheap and was open the latest.

Unfortunately they are only open for the weekends this late in the season, but that just means we will have to maximize our fun for the two days we get to be on the mountain. This will only be the third time I’ve gone snowboarding, but my friends and I love it so we are trying to make sure we go at least twice a year. That is until we get rich and we can just go all the time. Like that will happen, but it is wishful thinking.

I’m not sure how Sipapu will compare to our snowboarding trip to Park City, UT, but I’m sure we’ll manage to have fun. It looks like we have had some good luck already though. It has been snowing the past few days there so it looks like we will have some fresh powder. We were kind of worried how it was going to be this late in the season and it not snowing much. So let’s hope a lot of snow gets dumped on the slopes till we get there.

I’m really excited because each time we have gone I have progressed a little more and more. This time I’m hoping to try a few jumps. Don’t worry they will be small ones! I’m also excited about trying out my new snowboard gear. Earlier this year I purchased the K2 Raygun snowboard, K2 Uprise bindings, and K2 Darko boots. If you went to the links you will notice that it is A LOT of teal! But I love it! LOL

Well hopefully we’ll come back with a lot of stories to tell as well as some funny photos and videos. Maybe this time we will have some videos other than Jesse falling!

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