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King James Takes a Beating From the Team He Turned His Back On

Davis passing around LeBron
Davis passing around LeBron during the Cavs 102-90 win over the Heat. (Mark Duncan/Associated Press)

LeBron James returned to arena and city he turned his back on. This is the second trip to Cleveland for LeBron and the Miami Heat. In their first meeting the Heat were ruthless and slaughtered the Cavaliers by 28 points on December 2. The Cavaliers seemed like they weren’t into the game and just accepted defeat before they even played. The crowd did their part for that game, but the team let them down.

This time it was different. Even though the Cavaliers have had a horrible season, they played with a lot of pride tonight and the fans were as supportive as they have been all season. The Cavaliers have had the 3rd highest average attendance this season despite the level of play their team has shown. Today ,the team made it worth it for their fans. They were in control pretty much the whole game and never gave up the lead. Even though the Heat made it a game and nearly overcame a huge deficit, the Cavaliers stepped up to the challenge and responded with tenacity. They poured it on and never looked back. In the process of winning the game and sticking it to their former teammate, they also prevented the Heat from  taking over second place in the Eastern Conference.

Anyone that knows me, knows I hate LeBron. So I took great joy in the Cavaliers’ win! I hope this gets in his head every time he visits Cleveland, and I hope he loses every time. I do believe the Heat have a pretty solid team, but I don’t think it is championship team just yet. I still think they need to focus on a single identity for the team. Right now they seem to shift between LeBron leading the team and Dwayne Wade leading the team. I truly believe Wade is the more natural leader. This is the reason Wade already has a ring and why LeBron has to try to join forces to get his. I think in a year or two, if they can really piece it together and get a few more role players, they have a chance to become champions. I don’t think it will be a dynasty like they were hoping. Only time will tell, but that is my take on it.

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