The Facial Hair Project

Fedil with some chin hair
My attempt at facial hair after close to two weeks!

Anyone that really knows me can attest to how long and hard it takes me to grow facial hair. Because of my genetics I’m just not a hairy person. This is good and bad. It is great because I really don’t have to shave that often, but bad if I want to change-up my look a little by trying to grow out my facial hair.

Usually it takes a few days for me to get stubble. After about a week it looks pretty scraggly but also patchy. It appears there are certain spots on my face that just won’t grow hair. So normally I just shave every few days and keep a nice clean look going. I use “nice” in a relative manner. Sometimes I get bored though and think of what I would look like with some chin hair.

I tried this once before but got frustrated by it. I let the hair on my chin grow out for two months and shaved the rest of my face. I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but I didn’t. Even after two months it wasn’t very full or long. So I ended up just shaving it off and going back to the regular clean look.

Well I have gotten the itch to change things up a bit and decided I will take another stab at it. I used my weekend snowboarding getaway to get a jump-start on things. So far it has been almost two weeks since I have shaved the hairs on my chin. I have included a photo so you can see the current state. I think this time I’m going to try to hold out till the December and see what I can get it to look like. I’ll probably post photo updates from time to time to showcase my progress or lack thereof. Here’s wishing me luck! LOL

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4 thoughts on “The Facial Hair Project

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  • OK…could never really get it to grow and look good. So I am back to being just clean shaven! LOL

  • bobie

    never shaved in my entire life. I’m 23 and barely have any body or facial hair!

    • Well count yourself as lucky! I know my friends are jealous that I only have to shave once a week. LOL!


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