Heart Attack Grill Coming to Dallas

Nurse serving a Quadruple Bypass Burger at the Heart Attack Grill
Quadruple Bypass Burgers are coming to Dallas. The Heart Attack Grill is set to open a location in the West End on May 13.

Have you heard the news? There is a new breastaurant headed to Dallas. The The Heart Attack Grill will be coming to the West End and is scheduled to make its grand opening on May 13. This will be the restaurant’s second location with the original in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Heart Attack Grill has taken a different approach in the middle of America’s health craze. They actually are going in the opposite direction. They boast foods that are completely unhealthy for you and even have a special that states people over 350 lbs eat for free. That special may not be a good idea here in Texas because as they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas”. It will be interesting to see how many people will meet that requirement and take advantage of the free food. What will be more interesting is how many people might try to gain weight to get to that limit.

The Heart Attack Grill was started in 2006 by John Basso and has made headlines with the restaurant using the motto: “A Taste Worth Dying For.” The motto probably couldn’t be more true. It offers high-fat foods such as high calorie triple or quadruple decked burgers topped with cheese and bacon while drenched in grease. You can also get a side of lard-soaked fries to go with your meal and wash it all down one of their Butterfat Shakes, which are guaranteed to have the world’s highest butter fat content.

To completely set the mood they have a great theme for the restaurant. The waitresses will be dressed in sexy nurse outfits. The customers will be referred to as patients and if anyone can finish the Triple or Quadruple Bypass Burger they will receive curbside service in a wheel chair. This should definitely add some humor and distract patrons from the fact the food is so bad for them.

Here in Dallas, we are not opposed to foods that are bad for us. Especially considering our affinity for deep-fried foods at the State Fair of Texas, the Heart Attack Grill should fit right in. We have had everything from fried Twinkies to fried butter. So now we’ll just have something year round to take care of our guilty pleasures.

I definitely will go at least once. I love brestaurants and definitely love a good burger with a shake. I’m not sure I’ll be a regular unless I’m trying to work my way to the free meals. So who’s going to join me in some fatty goodness and see if we can finish off a Triple Bypass or Quadruple Bypass Burger?

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