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Will You Be Watching Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley?

Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley
Pacquiao vs Mosley on Showtime PPV Saturday May 7th. This should be an exciting fight!

Manny Pacquiao is a very exciting boxer that has captured the attention of the general public as well as boxing fans around the world. He’s been written about in Time Magazine as well as many sports magazines. Pacquiao is also currently serving as a Congressman and representing the province of Sarangani on the island of Mindanao. Even with his extra duties, Pacquiao still makes time for boxing and loves to entertain his fans.

So next weekend, May 7th, Pacquiao will take on a touch challenge by facing “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Depending on who you ask this will be a tough test for Pacquiao. Although Mosley is past his prime he still has something left in his tank. Mosley is known for his speed and power, so people give him at least a punchers chance. The people who believe Mosley will win doubt Pacquiao’s ability to take a body shot. So it may be Mosley’s best strategy to attack his body early and see if it will do any damage.

Unfortunately there are many haters that don’t ever give Pacquiao credit for any of his wins and I’m sure it will be no different for this fight. I’m sure they will say that Mosley was old and became slow over night. They will probably also say Mosley lost his punching power or that his last fight with Mayweather made him a shot fighter. These are all ridiculous claims. Mosley is still a game opponent and contrary to popular belief, fighters don’t age over night. Sometimes better fighters just make them look that way.

Well no matter who you are rooting for, I hope it is just a good fight. On paper it seems to be a great match-up. Both fighters have very fan pleasing styles so hopefully they both keep it the same for this fight. I’m a Pacquiao fan though so I’m hoping he follows through on his coaches prediction of being the first to knock out Mosley. I’m not sure how well it will do in PPV sells, but I hope it does well to showcase how big of a draw Pacquiao is and force a potential showdown with Mayweather. I know I’ll definitely be watching the fight!

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