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P90X3: 2 Week review

Excited to get my Shakeology in so that I can get healthier.
Excited to get my Shakeology in so that I can get healthier.

I have been doing P90X3 for two weeks now. My girlfriend (Anna) and I have done the workouts everyday. She’s also been doing the recommended diet with Shakeology, while I’ve chosen to do Shakeology but not the diet. It’s great having her as my coach and workout partner.

I have always heard people talk about how good of a program P90X was and that it really worked you out. I figured that since I’ve been doing weight workouts and playing soccer that it wouldn’t be that hard to get into. I was VERY WRONG! It is an intense program.

The first week totally kicked my butt and I was so sore. It felt as if I was working out for the first time. I had sore muscles in places I didn’t realize were being worked out. It was nice to feel the soreness because it let me know that I was really pushing myself and that this program would really push me too.

The second week was still hard and intense but at least I wasn’t as sore. I can still feel the muscle fatigue from the workouts but my body is starting to adjust. Even though the soreness is going away I still feel like I’m getting stronger. So the workouts are still working like they advertise. Looking at the workout schedule it looks like it will start to vary up in week 4. So the soreness might return.

I know it hasn’t been that long since I started the P90X3 program but so far I’ve lost 5lbs and about 3% body fat. It may not seem like much, but these are good results. Hopefully I can consistently see these type of results. If I do, then I should reach my results in 8-10 weeks from the start of the workouts. Not too shabby! If anyone wants to keep up on my results, you can follow me on my Team Beachbody profile because it will have more frequent updates. I’ll probably write up a final review when we get to the end of the P90X3 program. So far I can definitely recommend this for the person just starting to get in shape and those that just want a new workout routine.

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