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Mike Jenkins (Dallas Cowboys) Should be Fired or Benched

Jenkins gets burnt for a TD
Jenkins gets beat for a TD. A familiar site for Cowboys fans this year.

I’m not sure how Mike Jenkins of the Dallas Cowboys has kept his job all season. He has to be one of the worst corners if not the worst in the NFL. He normally gets burned bad at least once a game, gets multiple pass interference calls, or both! I know he had a good year last year, but if you go back and watch the games he got so lucky so many times. His fundamentals have always been poor. I understand taking gambles can provide for some stellar highlights, but most people take calculated risks. Jenkins unfortunately appears to take risks because he doesn’t know what he is doing or just doesn’t understand how to cover a receiver.

I could forgive the guy if this happen every now and then, but it is happening ever single football game. Every game this season I have just waited for when they would throw Jenkin’s way and he would either get burnt or get a penalty. It wasn’t an “if”, it was always “when” is it going to happen. I would just hope that it wouldn’t happen when the game was on the line. So this also left me wondering how teams didn’t pick on him more. If you watch the Titans game of this year, they went after Jenkins almost all game. I believe every ball his way was caught or he got some sort of interference call. It was ridiculous! Other teams seemed to pick their spots and it did seem that whenever they needed a sure first down or a big play, they would throw to whomever Jenkins was covering.

I thought for sure after their win against the Giants, when Jenkins got hurt and Bryan McCann filled in, that he would have lost his starting spot. McCann came in and was electrifying. He had a game changing 101 yard interception return and made multiple defensive plays. He clearly is the better corner. So it came as a complete shock the next week when Jenkins still had his starting spot. Also from what I read, McCann was truly impressive in training camp. So it further baffles me why the Cowboys keep him on the bench while they watch touchdown after touchdown go to Jenkins’s man.

The Cowboys secondary has truly been a weak spot for them this season. I know they haven’t been great in recent years, but in past years the defensive front was a little stronger and helped hide that fact. I really hope next year that either Jason Garrett or whomever they pick as head coach will pick the best candidate for the starting job because clearly something else went into Jenkins being the starter this year.

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