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Let’s See What Jason Garrett Can Do

Jason Garrett Named Dallas Cowboy's New Head Coach
Owner Jerry Jones didn't take long in his decision naming Jason Garrett the Dallas Cowboy's new head coach.

Yesterday Jason Garrett was officially named the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys. He took over as interim head coach mid way through this season. Under him the Cowboys went 5 – 3 and were very competitive in their losses. Garrett made minor changes, but they seemed to change the behavior of the players.

I’m not convinced that the players improved because of him though. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact they knew they were playing for their jobs. With Garrett now given the reigns full-time, we will now be able to see what he can do. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t make any player personnel moves during the regular season. I believe there were opportunities to show his commitment to winning, but he seemed to have passed on them. Maybe he didn’t want to rock the boat or maybe he didn’t think he had the authority to make such decisions.

Either way he now appears to have the backing of the Cowboy’s owner, Jerry Jones. Jones stated in the press conference announcing Garrett as head couch that he would give Garrett greater power than he has given recent coaches to set up his staff and make player decisions. This is a good chance to prove that Garrett isn’t just another puppet coach.

Garrett inherits a football team that is aging in some positions, but still has a lot of talent across the board. I’m interested in the moves and decisions he will make this off-season. I believe we’ll lose one of our running backs, but I think this will be a good thing. We also need to refresh our linebacking core. This year they just seemed old and not very effective. Also if Jenkins doesn’t lose his spot, I’ll be completely shocked and really upset. The fans of Dallas will have a lot of questions, but will be eagerly anticipating next season when we can see if Garrett can do what it takes to bring the Cowboys back to contention.

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