The Myth of True Love

Somethings, like true love, are worth the wait

What’s happened to true love? Has it gone the way of dinosaurs? Do we only know it existed because of fossils it has left behind like 50 year anniversaries? Or is it a fantasy that people made up to make themselves feel better like Santa Clause?

Call me a helpless romantic, but I think true love is still out there. I just think people have lost sight of what love really is. With today’s fast pace world of instant gratification, I think people are too focused on the beginning stages of love. They don’t realize that there is more to it than the initial attraction phase. Sure everyone loves that “high” of a new relationship. Everything is so new and seems so intense. The problem with this “high” is that it eventually fades. Love evolves and changes into something that people use to cherish.

Unfortunately in today’s society it seems that once the “high” wears off, people just assume that means they are no longer in love. They find the plateau that follows the “high” boring. You can’t blame people because in comparison it is boring, but it is in this plateau that true love is really developed. This is where you get comfortable with the other person and can really be yourself. This is also when you start to put the other person above yourself. This stage of love is where the roots of a relationship really sprout and can lead to long-lasting happiness.

Love use to be something that people knew needed to be stoked like a fire because love is very similar. It starts with a spark, builds up to a very hot flame, and then starts to fade out. With some attention, you can keep the fire going. Sometimes it takes more wood or maybe just a little poke. In the end, you can keep the fire going for as long as you want. I truly believe that is how love is. Although it seems that most people think that love is just supposed to burn forever bright with no change at all. I think this is where people are really missing out.

Always chasing that “high” of new love eventually will just lead you to loneliness because it is a never-ending chase. There will always be other opportunities to be pursued. This doesn’t mean that you should force love or that love should be a chore, but love is definitely something you have to foster along.

I think people have become afraid to wait for love. Whether they think it will take too long to find, or whether they are afraid of losing someone they currently have. It isn’t a bad thing for love to develop, and it isn’t a bad thing to wait for that someone who you can have true love with. I know that we always seem to be in a rush to get something or to accomplish things, but with love I really do believe it is worth the wait.

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