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Fans Should Boycott the Sporting Leagues That Have Strikes/Lockouts

Boycott NFL and NBA
Fans should boycott the NFL and NBA to show the owners and players that the fans are sick of all their GREED!

Lately it appears that there are always threats of work stoppage with the major sporting leagues. The players always seem at odds with the owners and they constantly bicker. As much as I don’t sympathize with either side, it just amazes me at the players’ attitudes. Their union is also a joke. Unions have their place and use to be a great way for workers not to be taken advantage of. All these sports unions seem to fight about is money.

Unions in other work places fight for fair wages. These sports unions fight for the most money possible. They also seem to forget they aren’t partners with the owners. The owners take all the risk, they put up all the money, and they have to pay other people besides the players. So why should the players think they are equal? Sure the leagues depend on them for their product and that is who the fans come to see, but it really is no different than an employee for any other company. The employees are the ones that run the companies and make it successful. Do you see the average person asking to see all their employers’ financial statements? Do you see them asking for 50% of revenue of the company?

Heck no! Employers don’t have to answer to employees that way. If you want 50% and more say so in the company then buy into it. Put your own money on the line and risk losses and gains. It seems like a lot of these players expect that owners should own a team for the sake of making the players rich. They don’t care about the fans, the stadium employees, or anyone else.

The money that’s been talked about is ridiculous, but that is how it is with any business. If the business becomes successful then it makes more money and the owners get rewarded for their risk by making more of a profit. This also encourages owners to continue to do a good job and keep the business successful. If they can’t maximize their profits why would they want to invest their money?

Players also complain about owners preventing them from making a living. This is such bull crap. No one says that these players are only allowed to play sports. If you don’t like the way the owners have it setup, then go find another job. I would love to see these people try to get real jobs. See if they think they will be treated better in the corporate world. The complaints the players have is such a joke. They really have lost touch with reality.

Now I’m not saying that we should side with the owners in these situations. I still think the owners should provide a good work environment, but I think the players should be more concerned with benefits for retirement, health care, etc. instead of just a fat paycheck. If they were fighting for things like this, I would be more inclined to side with them. The owners also screw things up by continuing to pay these ridiculous salaries to “star” players. They need to realize that there is a lot of talent out there and EVERYONE can be replaced.

A prime example is Peyton Manning. Sure he is a stellar quarterback that will hold a lot of the major records, but how has that really translated for the team? He has only won one SuperBowl. Look at other QBs that have won just one SuperBowl and compare their salaries. So to me it doesn’t make sense. Owners as well as fans need to get away from the “star” player mentality and understand that it is a team game. You can win with a solid team. You don’t have to have star players. I would rather see a team win with a bunch of good players than watch a team that just has one player to hype up. If I was an owner I would risk playing the season with replacements. Lower the price of the tickets so fans can enjoy the game like they use to.

I know this won’t happen, but I also wish fans would boycott these sports whenever there are labor disputes like strikes or lockouts. Honestly I wish fans would unite and decide to not give the NFL or NBA any money this season. Because in the end the only thing that happens in these situations is that the owners and players work out how to split up their money, and then the owners just pass along that expense to the fans.

Fans complain about the ticket prices and how expensive it is to go to a game, but yet not enough people do enough about it. Stadiums are still sold out, people still watch the games on tv, and people still buy all the merchandise. How can we expect change when we continue to line their pockets? I think it is time the fans should step up and take things into their own hands. The only way to get their attention is by hitting them where it counts…their profits!

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