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2011 Corvette ZR1
I love the look of the Corvette especially in Jetstream Blue. I would love to get a ZR1, but realistically I'll just be aiming for the Coupe.

Little boys everywhere love playing with their hot wheels cars and dream about going fast. This doesn’t change as they grow up and become men. Instead of toy cars, they can buy the machines those were based off of or they can buy some they never even thought about before.

As a kid I always loved Corvettes. They were my favorite! I followed all the rumors and technical advancements that came out. Every time my parents went car shopping I found my way to the Corvettes. I always dreamed about being behind the wheel and just cruising all over the place. As I got a little older I still loved the Corvette but motorcycles also started grabbing my attention.

I would see the motorcycle commercials on TV and then pretend I had one. As I pedaled my bicycle I would envision being on a sports bike slicing through the streets. I would zig zag and pop wheelies while making engine sounds. It was extremely fun! Then when I got a little older I wanted a dirt bike I could ride. So my parents got me the Honda Cub. Not sure if anyone remembers those, but it was actually a pretty fun little motorcycle. We use to do some crazy stuff with the Cub and I even road it on the streets to get me to my friends’ houses.

So as I continued to get older I always had a love for sport cars and motorcycles. I’ve had a lot through the years. I have had a 1996 Pontiac Firebird, 2000 Pontiac Firebird, 2000 Corvette, and now a 2010 Camaro. On the motorcycle front I started on a 1985 Honda Ascott, 2000 Honda CBR F4, and a 2004 Honda CBR600RR. I wish I would have kept some of them a long the way, but I wasn’t rich.

I’m currently in the process of saving up for a new Corvette and a new motorcycle. The motorcycle I want is the Triumph Daytona 675. It is a very slick bike and you don’t see that many around. I also love the blue they come in. It’s a bit on the smaller side, but I’m a pretty small dude so it fits me pretty well.

Blue 2011 Triumph Daytona 675
This will definitely be a fun bike and will really stand out. Hopefully I can get this before the end of the summer!

I don’t really have a particular year Corvette that I’m saving up for. I do want it to be the newest body style and in the “Jetstream Blue” color. I believe they started using that color in 2008. The only other option I care about on it, is the heads up display (HUD). I had one in my first Corvette and would have to have it in my next. It is very useful and the new ones have a lot more information.

I’m giving myself a year to save up for these new toys of mine! I hope I can stick to my guns and not be wasteful with my money. If so, I should be a super happy camper by this time next year. Wish me luck!!!

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