What I Would Do If I Won The Lotto

Dog and Cat Sanctuary
Would be awesome to have my own cat and dog sanctuary!

People always love to imagine what they would if they won the lottery. I am no exception. I have dreamt about this through all phases of my life. I never really thought I would win, but I just loved to dream about it.

When I was younger it was the typical wish list. Cars, houses, boats, etc. Tons of material things. I guess as I have aged I’ve come to realize that although those things would be fun, they probably wouldn’t keep me happy in the long-term. Well except maybe the house. I have never been one to want something gigantic. I would just want something nice.

So now when I think about winning the lottery, I think about the business decisions I would make with the money. I would put a part of the winnings into stocks and bonds. Part would go to some sort of long-term CD. Then I would want to buy a large area of land so I could build a cat and dog sanctuary. I would have a part for cats on one side and a part for dogs on the other.

I would create various housing and play areas throughout the property. So it isn’t like they would just be out in the wild. This would probably require a lot of upkeep and staff to always go around and account for the animals. I would also have obstacle courses for the dogs that love to do tricks. Then in the middle, there would be an adoption center and vet area. This building would be full of different types of play rooms to allow potential pet owners to interact with dogs and cats they think would fit well with them.

To staff the place I could hire a lot of my friends that love working with animals. I would have to pay a decent salary so that they could focus their attention on the animals. I would hope that the portion of the winnings I had invested would generate a big enough return to cover this expense. That of course is in a perfect world. I know that it probably wouldn’t be completely self-sustaining, but maybe with adoption fees and some fund-raisers in the mix it could happen.

Now I just need to start playing the lottery to make it happen!

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