Pimp and Ho-lloween 2011

Official Flyer for the 2011 Pimp and Ho-lloween Party!
Official party flyer for this years Pimp and Ho-lloween party. Please take note of the No "Douche Bag" policy!

Oh, it is about that time of year. When girls look for the sluttiest outfits and some parties to show them off at. Halloween is a great excuse to let go a little, kick back, and just party it up. Ever since we were kids we loved to dress up on this special time of year and go have some fun. As we have grown older the costumes have changed, but the desire to have fun hasn’t.

After taking a year break, the Pimp and Ho-lloween party is back! Hopefully bigger and better than ever. There will be music, dancing, jello shots, a keg, the stripper pole, liquor, and good times! Also DJ Powerpuff will be in the house and setting up the tunes!

Feel free to come out and have a good time. Invite your friends and neighbors. The only thing we ask is leave the douche bags at home. Yes we do have a strict no douche bag policy. Douche bags just ruin the party for everyone.

The theme of course is Pimps and Hos. So a majority of people will be dressed in pimp attire or various slutty outfits. You are more than welcome to come in whatever costume you want though. There are no restrictions! So let your imagination run wild. The party is only about a month away so start making your plans today! If you know you can make it going ahead and RSVP on the Facebook event page so we can make sure to have enough refreshments.

We have had a blast at these parties in the past. I have a Facebook album (Pimp N Ho-lloween Parties 2006-2009) of some pics from past parties. So hopefully we can really rock this party out and give us reason to keep this going for years to come!

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