2011 Mid Year Recap

Clark and Fedil Chilling at the pool party
Clark and I chilling at his pool party. You can still see the results of my {a href=''}Facial Hair Project{/a}.

I know it is a little past the actual midway point, but I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on what a good year it has been. This year has by far been one of the best I’ve had in recent memory. Of course compared to the last couple it was bound to be.

This year has been a very interesting year. There have been a lot of changes and things just have worked out for the better. Things haven’t been perfect but they rarely ever are. This year has really been a blessing and what I think I have needed.

Nothing spectacular has happened this year, but it has been steadily on the good side. I finally switched jobs and that has been a big relief. I’ve definitely gone out a lot more and have had lots of fun. I’ve gone to concerts, had road trips, snowboarding trips, day trip (Er…really night trip) to Shreveport, and just other little adventures. I think I’ve actually been going out too much and might need to slow it down a little so that I can make sure to do some normal things like house chores and spending more time with my kitties. This year I’ve also met a lot of new people and have been less anti-social than normal. This is a new thing for me and hasn’t really been a bad thing. I don’t think I’ll just flip to being a people person though. I’ve also fallen back into some old routines that have also felt very comfortable. So I also see this as a good thing.

This summer I’ve also splurged a little and got me a boat. I’ve always wanted one, but never really could justify the cost of buying and maintaining one. Well now I’m in a better situation and felt comfortable with the risk. I didn’t go overboard with my purchase though. I just got me a used, smaller boat. It is a 1997 Dynasty 170 Elanti (17′ boat). It has been a joy and I think a good learning experience. I definitely think in a year or so I’ll want to upgrade to a bigger boat, but until then I’m really enjoying the one I have. I’ve been out on the lake every weekend since I have gotten it and enjoy taking people tubing and wakeboarding. Hopefully my knee will be better soon and I can actually start wakeboarding. I also want to start making videos of others wakeboarding. I think this will be comedy gold! I also plan to be out on the lake every weekend until the season is over. So that is where you will find me!

I’ve also gotten back into the dating world a lot more. I’ve even opened up my heart a time or two. Unfortunately it didn’t work out the way I would have hoped, but I haven’t let that get me down. I’m in no rush to just jump into a relationship with someone, but would like to find that someone who wants to spend time with me and be there for me when I need someone.

My family and I have also spent a lot more time together. I’ve never really been one to spend a lot of time with family and didn’t think much of it. I see now though it was something I was missing. I definitely do enjoy my family time and hope that we continue to stay close and always make time for each other. There have been a lot of good times and laughs!

Well I’m hoping that the good times keep rolling through the end of the year. There are a few things I’m really looking forward to like the Pimp and Ho-lloween Party. I’m hoping it will be the best one we have had in a while and hope tons of people make it out. Then there is of course snowboarding season!!! 😀

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