What I Learned from the Daddy Prenatal Class

Diapers and formula
There is a lot more to being a dad than just changing diapers.

Being a first-time parent, I know I have a lot to learn. I was very relieved to see that the hospital where we plan to have our baby offered a variety of classes. They offered a class called “Dads Do More than Diapers” just for dads. I didn’t know what to expect and they offered very little details about the class on any of their schedules. Apparently, there is a running joke about other dads who have taken the class not mentioning the topics discussed. So it really had my curiosity up.

When I got there I was a little anxious to find out what went on in the class. As it turns out it was very helpful. It touched on a lot of details about being a new parent, things to expect, and most of all, how to be supportive of the mother. Being supportive of the mothers was the main theme of the class. I can understand it, and respect that they took the time to go over things that would help life easier for the whole family. Sometimes we tend to forget that the little things we do can go a long way.

The class also went into subjects that I didn’t think they would go into with dads. Subjects such as breastfeeding. They talked about the benefits of breastfeeding as well as providing tips on how to help mom stay relaxed even if things take a little while work out. They also talked about taking all the help you could get from supportive people in your life. The advice really made the old saying “It takes a village to raise a child” come to mind. Thinking back on other people I know with children and listening to the information presented in class, I’m going to really take that to heart.

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