The First Joys

two positive pregnancy tests
It’s always a good idea to check and then double-checks to make sure there is something to actually be excited about.

It sometimes amazes me how drastic our perspective changes as we grow. When you are a young adult and are just starting to explore what life has to offer, there are certain things that seem very daunting. One if which is having a baby. You hear your friends talk about having a “scare” because their girlfriend’s period was late and how that would “suck” because of how much that would change their life. As you get older and you find yourself in the position where you want kids, that life-changing event turns into something special and something you look forward to.

Still you just never know when it will happen to you. Some people go to great extremes to try for kids. Sometimes it works out for them but sometimes it doesn’t. Then you have people who aren’t trying but it happens anyways. Of course, each person has their own reaction to it because everyone is different and so is their situation.

For me, I finally met the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and someone who I wanted to start a family with. We were planning our wedding and had talked many times about our future. We talked about having kids, how many we wanted, and about when we would want to start trying. We had decided that it would probably be best to get married and have a year to ourselves to really enjoy our married life to each other. We continued to talk about things as we planned our wedding and always came to the same conclusion. Sometimes though life does not really care about your plans.

As we were counting down to our wedding day my bride-to-be hadn’t been feeling well and decided to take a pregnancy test. She had always talked about wanting to surprise me in a special way when the time came, but I guess the excitement and uneasiness got the best of her. She ran out immediately after looking at the results telling me to look and if that means she was pregnant. She ended up taking two more tests just to make sure. Even though it wasn’t how we planned it, I am still very excited! I feel like everything is in place for this next milestone in my life.

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