On the Career Move Again

I'm on the move again. Hopefully this new opportunity will work out and allow me to reach some of my goals professionally and personally.
I’m on the move again. Hopefully this new opportunity will work out and allow me to reach some of my goals professionally and personally.

It hasn’t even been two years since I left work at AT&T, but it looks like I am switching work places yet again. After 12 years of thinking I would never leave AT&T I continue to surprise myself going for new opportunities. I am not one that usually goes out looking for change, but it seems that life has different ideas for me.

I was really comforted by how secure my job was at AT&T. Although they had several rounds of layoffs while I was working for them, they usually did a good job of finding other positions in the company for most people. I also know plenty of people who still work there and it doesn’t seem like the security aspect has changed much at all. So I have no doubts I could have easily just stayed there till I was ready to retire.

The job was really boring and not very challenging though. So when an opportunity that seemed like it would be more challenging presented itself, I took it. It has been an interesting time at my current place of employment, but I still felt I wasn’t challenged enough and I don’t think I ever really fit in. Some of that has to do with the management style and some of it has to do with me not asserting myself.

Well now another opportunity has presented itself. This time in a field I’m more interested in and one that I think I’ll fit better in. I’ll be working as a senior developer. This aligns perfect with some of the work I’ve been doing on the side. I’m happy I will have an opportunity to code everyday. I think this will help me stay in a programming mindset and have the information fresh on my mind. Hopefully this will also help me in my personal programming projects.

My ultimate goal and dream is to work for myself and have my mobile app company (Ukneeq Solutions) go big. Well it may not get big, but at least enough to support me where I can live comfortably and be able to afford a family. So as I stare change in the face yet again, I’m keeping an optimistic mindset.

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I was originally born in Missouri, but traveled around most of my childhood. My mom finally got tired of moving while we were in Dallas, Texas and I have been here ever since. After high school I started college at the University of North Texas (UNT) and started working in the computer field. I currently work for JCPenney as a front end software engineer for their e-commerce website. Before this I worked for AT&T about 12 years and started with them in 1999 (when they were Southwestern Bell). I have many passions and I really love photography. Besides photography I also love sports. I not only like to watch it, but I also love to play. Currently my friends and I play indoor soccer and flag football.

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