Nature Vs Nurture: Women Using Men

Woman flirting to get what she wants
Are women born knowing how to flirt to get what they want or is it learned?

I always find myself thinking about the whole nature vs nurture debate. One aspect that hits close to home is the way women use men. Now before you get upset and think this is about bashing women, let me assure you that it is not. I’m not trying to say all women use men. This is just about certain things I have observed.

I think it is in most guys’ nature to want to do things and give things to girls they like. It may also be in women’s nature to know this and do things to string along guys to get what they want. I use to think this was something women just learned to do, but I now believe otherwise. It is amazing to watch or hear stories about little girls in grade school using their charm to get what they want from the little boys. Whether it be candy, lunch treats, or having the boys do something for them. This is why I think it is just in a lot of girls’ nature to know they can manipulate a boy into doing things or giving them things.

Now as girls grow up and mature I definitely think that the nurture part kicks in and helps them hone their skills and helps them know how to manipulate guys easier. This could be things they pick up from their mother, friends, women in the media, or other women they look up to.

Guys for their part make it really easy for women to use them though. That I believe just proves my theory that all guys are retarded when it comes to women. In my experience it seems that guys even know they are being manipulated part of the time, but they choose to do nothing about it. Not sure if that’s because they are hoping they are wrong or if they think things will eventually change. It gets even more confusing because a lot of the time the women don’t even hide the fact they are just using the guy. I’m not sure if they don’t realize that they are being obvious or if they just don’t care because they  know more than likely the guy will keep being stupid.

A lot of people assume that a girl must be giving up sex in order to get a guy to be a sugar daddy. I’m sure this is the case a lot, but what is funny is that there are a high number of cases where it isn’t. I’ve seen guys buy women things left and right and really get nothing in return except maybe getting to spend a little time with the woman as they are shopping for things.

Also to highlight my point, look how women use their tricks to get out of tickets. I’ve heard of some flirting, crying, or just trying to look pretty. I’ve also seen it in action. Guys just make it too easy.

When it comes to getting things from guys, women really do have it pretty easy. I’m sure people will have strong opinions one way or another on this topic. I would just like to repeat that this isn’t a blanket statement about all women, but just an observation that I have seen or experienced from a high number of them.

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