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2011 DFW Breastaurant Shootout

Hooters Girls with Cake
My first experience with a breastaurant was Hooters. It's fun, a great place to watch sports, and has some yummy food!

I’ve decided to do a shootout between the top breastaurants in the DFW area. Each restaurant was judged on service, food quality, and visual quality. The breastaurants that I’ll be comparing are Hooters, Bone Daddy’s, Tilted Kilt, Twin Peaks, and Redneck Heaven.

All of these breastaurants have the same basic concept of hot girls showing off some skin serving you food. However, they each have their own little twist that they try to use in order for them to standout. I have gone to each place multiple times and in most cases to multiple locations with Redneck Heaven being the exception. It only has one location in Lewisville, TX. I will review each in the order I ranked them. The ratings given are on a scale of 1 to 5.

5. Redneck Heaven

This southern style breastaurant has a very trashy and redneck theme to it. Picture trailer park trash. It is a very interesting concept and is pretty funny. The wait staff normally wears things you would picture on Daisy Duke. They also have theme nights though where they will be in bikini’s, lingerie, or sometimes just pasties. Although a lot of guys love the pasties night, I think it just goes a little too far for an eating establishment.

Redneck Heaven does have a wide selection on their menu. So you should be able to find something you like. The food however isn’t really that good. It probably is the main reason that I don’t frequent this breastaurant. The service overall is pretty good. The bar and an outdoor patio is a decent size. They have their own special shot called the Minnow Bomb, that does come with a minnow. Another nice thing they have is motorcycle parking. This is a nice addition, but it seems that all the breastaurants have started adding this.

Redneck is the new comer so they have some time to work on improvements. I’ll keep giving them a shot now and then hoping they will surprise me.

Service: 3
Food: 1
Visual: 3

4. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is a lodge themed breastaurant that gives you that outdoor feel. The building is decorated like an authentic lodge with wood creations and stuffed animals. The wait staff dresses in small, knot tied plaid shirts, short khaki shorts with a belt, and boots. The first few times when I went to Twin Peaks, when they first opened, the quality of the girls was pretty rough. I like to joke and say it seemed that strippers came to die there. It seems they have worked on that aspect and now they have some pretty good-looking girls working there.

The menu selection is very limited. It seems as if food was an afterthought. Although they have changed it up a few times to try to find some things that work best. The food is ok but nothing special.

Service: 3
Food: 2
Visual: 4

3. Tilted Kilt

Tilted Kilt Girl
The new comer of the DFW Breastaurants

Tilted Kilt is a breastaurant with an Irish twist. The girls dress in kilts with white stockings and short, skimpy white tops. They are fairly new around the DFW area and they have a couple of locations. The girls are nice and friendly, but the restaurant seems to still be in the early phase of filtering the girls they hire.

The food is very inconsistent but can sometimes be good. They also change their menu from time to time so they seem to be getting better food. During the summer they had some tasty drinks called shakers. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t keep those on the menu.


Service: 4
Food: 3
Visual: 3

2. Hooters

Hooters is the first experience I had with breastaurants. It might even be the original, but I’m too lazy to do the research on it. They usually also have great layouts for watching sports. This is definitely my favorite spot on Sundays during football seasons. They normally have all the games on and you can see them from pretty much any spot in the restaurant.

They have a good variety of food, but their forte is hot wings. I personally love the 3 mile island sauce, but if you want something so hot it’ll make you sweat you have to try their XXX sauce. The first time I had it my lips were on FIRE! If you aren’t a fan of hot wings then they also have a variety of sandwiches, burgers, crab legs, and other foods. There shouldn’t be a problem finding something you like on the menu.

The wait staff is usually fun and friendly. You can even seem them scooting around the restaurant on scooters. The women normally wear tight orange shorts and have started switching back to crop tops. So your eyes will definitely have something to look at besides the TVs.

Service: 4
Food: 4
Visual: 4

1. Bone Daddy’s

This breastaurant makes BBQ more interesting. As this is a BBQ and smokehouse, the menu doesn’t have a lot of variety but everything on it is smoked, grilled, or BBQed. What they do have is very tasty and they have very generous portions. You definitely won’t walk away hungry unless you just hold yourself back.

The wait staff is normally good and easy on the eyes too. I believe that Bone Daddy’s has the best food and some of the best looking waitresses. The layout of the restaurant isn’t great for watching sports, but they do have a lot of TVs. So as long as you get a good seat it’ll be fine for your sports watching pleasure.

Service: 4
Food: 5
Visual: 4

Final Thoughts

I’m sure most people who like to frequent breastaurants can have fun and enjoy any of these places. I love food so that tends to affect my decision on where I like to go. So when I’m in the mood for good food I will usually pick Bone Daddy’s or Hooters.

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3 thoughts on “2011 DFW Breastaurant Shootout

  • Jaynie Mansfeldt

    Hey, Fedil –
    Good Job !! I had not heard of Redneck Heaven.
    My BF and I also like Big Racks BBQ – bigracksbbq dot com
    They have better happy hours than anyone.
    Have you tried that one?

    – Jaynie

    • Jaynie,
      Actually I haven’t heard of that place. I’ll have to go and try it. My friends and I love BBQ!!! 😀

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