Animal Rescue: Adopt Fido

We have a very special adoption opportunity. We have a slightly abused and abandoned nice guy. He answers to the name Fido or Fedil. He is a little on the mature side at the age of 32, but he is still highly energetic and loves to play. Although he loves to be active, he also knows when to relax and cuddle. He is very well-behaved for the most part. However, with his past he is a little shy at first but once he warms up to you is very affectionate. Fido is also potty trained and remembers to put the …

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How the Year has Flown By

This year has really seemed to fly by faster than normal. I’m not really sure if that is a good or bad thing as this hasn’t really been a good year. Hopefully with the new year approaching I can organize my thoughts and goals and really get some things going. I had wanted this year to be a productive one, but for various reasons it has not. So I figure I’ll just relax this last month and really gear up toward next year. I look forward to getting more into my photography and actually making more time for it. I …

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Past Halloweens

This year just didn’t seem the same as past years. For the previous 4 years, my friends and I have thrown a Pimp N Ho-lloween Party. We would have flyers for the party and completely setup some place with a dj booth, lights, disco ball, keg, and of course a stripper stage and pole! It was pretty awesome! This year we all had various things going on and it just seems no one was really motivated to put in the effort to throw the party. Also for some reason it just didn’t seem like the people I know were into …

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Fragile Heart

Our time upon this earth is short Yet we fill it with so much pain and hurt With so much to enjoy and appreciate We tend to be surrounded by complaints and hate As the darkness starts to fill our hearts We need the ones we care about to help avoid the hurt But in this time of greatest need The relationships with others are really seen So be careful choosing people you keep in your life And make sure they are pure of light Hopefully this leads to happiness And your heart will be full of bliss

Goal: 6-Pack, For Real This Time

Every year around this time I always renew my goal to get in shape and get a 6-pack. I always fall short and just chalk it up to it just not being in my nature to get one. But this year I’m really going to do it. I’ve already gotten a head start by losing some weight when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I was down to 150, but with this past horrible weekend I think I’ve gained back about 5 lbs. I think that if I could lose 10 lbs of fat and tone up I can finally …

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Road Trip and Comfort Food

Having to make an unexpected road trip this weekend really got me thinking about the eating habits while on road trips. To make matters worse the reason for the trip was a somber one. Without having much time to plan we had to just gather things quickly and hit the road. Our first stop of course was Wal-Mart to pick up some food for the road so we could drive pretty much straight through with as few stops as possible. Since there was no grocery list, we pretty much just went through the isles and grabbed what interested us. For …

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Morning Confusion

A cool breeze crept into the room. Sam got a chill from the cold fall air and started to wake. The morning sunrise broke through his eyelids as he started to open them. It was a beautiful morning. Sam tried to clear his eyes and his head as it was still effected from the bender of the night before. He started to look around the room as his eyes started to focus clearly. The room was strange and wasn’t familiar at all. He looked around for any clues of where he was. A picture, a paper with a name, anything …

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