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Do the Dallas Mavericks Have What it Takes?

Chandler going up against Rose at the hoop
Chandler has brought a much needed edge to the Mavericks but is it enough?

The Dallas Mavericks are quietly having another good year. They are currently ranked second in the West and are playing some great basketball. Their defense has been greatly improved with Tyson Chandler at the center, but for some reason the team still seems a piece or two away from truly being a title contender.

The Mavericks have had great seasons in the past, but have always come up short in the playoffs. I get the sinking feeling that it will happen again. The team seems better this year than in the past, but is still missing something. I also don’t know how long the team really has to win a title. They have a lot of aging veterans and not really any center pieces to build around for the future.

As much as I love Dirk Nowitzki, he doesn’t seem to be the guy that can bring home the trophy. He is a great player and can easily fill up the stat boxes. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have that fire that fuels players to the next level. I really think that Mark Cuban and the Mavericks should have moved Dirk while they had the chance or at least brought in a player with that fire and passion. Dirk has done a lot for the organization and the team, so I understand wanting to be loyal to him. You can’t be blinded by loyalty though. After all the end game is to win championships. I think Dirk would be a better number two guy. He would be awesome in the role of like a Scotty Pippen instead of taking the lead.

Unfortunately I’m not sure who could take over that lead role. Dallas has made too many trades to try to build around Dirk and I feel that has left them without a plan for the future. There also aren’t many dynamic players that we could acquire from free agency. I’m hoping Dirk can prove me wrong and win the Championship. If it doesn’t happen soon, it may be time to start thinking of rebuilding or retooling the team for the future.

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