Top 5 Made Up Words

Stephen carving an edge while snowboarding
Oh no! I think someone is about to have a frog strangler! LOL

Sometimes you just can’t find a word to describe what you are wanting to say. When this happens people just make up new ones. A lot of times these can be very funny so I figured I would compile a list of the 5 I like most. Hopefully you find these entertaining, but feel free to leave a comment with ones that you like too.

  1. Breastaurant – Restaurants where the waitstaff accentuates their breasts in order to add pleasant scenery to go along with your food.
  2. Heteroflexible – When you’re straight but shit happens.
  3. Procrasterbating - Masturbating to avoid doing work.
  4. Gutter-putter – When you fall while snowboarding and continually slide down the mountain on your back.
  5. Frog Strangler – When you catch an edge snowboarding and keep flipping end over end.

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