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The Dallas Mavericks Step It Up to Become the 2011 NBA Champions!!!

Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks celebrate winning the NBA Championship as Dirk Nowitzki holds up the Trophy
Dirk Nowitzki performed sensationally all playoffs and showed his heart and determination while carrying his team to become NBA Champions!

The Dallas Mavericks have been doubted all season. They have had some rough times, but have always had a subtle air of confidence. They believed in themselves when no one else did. I’m proud of the way they stuck together and the way they willed themselves to the NBA Title! It is a well deserved win for the City, for the franchise, for Mark Cuban, and definitely for Dirk Nowitzki.

I have to admit I had my doubts too. After all they had a habit of doing well during the season just to fall apart and crumble when the games counted the most. I previously wrote about how they seemed to be changing their mentality but I wasn’t sure if the change was big enough for the Mavericks to change their ways. I did see enough in them that I believed they would make it to the NBA Finals, but wasn’t sure if they had enough to really elevate their game to take it all. I expressed my opinions in my NBA Finals prediction. I also had discussions with people about how the Mavericks probably should have traded Dirk instead of resigning him. I’ve always thought highly of Dirk and admit he is a great player, but he always seemed to be missing that fire of a Champion.

I’m pleasantly surprised that he proved me wrong. This year we have really seen Dirk come of age. He finally let loose and completely stepped up his game to the next level. I wish it wasn’t so late in his career that he finally emerged because with the way he played this year, he could have carried to the team to multiple Championships. He still has a few good years left in him, but unfortunately his supporting cast doesn’t. Kidd at most one or two years, if he decides he doesn’t want to go out on top. No one would blame him for retiring after finally getting the Ring he chased for so many years. Well also have to see if people choose to stay or branch out for expanded roles on other teams.

I think Cuban and the Mavericks might be able to supplement the talent they have or make up for any they lose this offseason. Hopefully there won’t be any lockouts and everything can be business as usually. I think if that is the case and our management is smart, we have a chance to get a couple in a row. They will have to keep that fire though and remember what it took to become Champions.

It was one heck of a year for the Dallas Mavericks and I congratulate them on becoming the 2011 NBA Champions! They have done so much for the city and their fans. They also have brought me so much personal joy by not letting LeBron become a champion! LeBron has a lot to learn if he wants to be a champion and I’m glad others are finally seeing past the hype and actually judging him based on his play on the court! Mavs and their fans, enjoy your celebration and we look forward to bringing it again next year!

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