Password Crafter Release Weekend Numbers

Password Crafter hit the iTunes App Store about mid day on Thursday, February 23rd. I was excited to finally have an app on the App Store. I really had no expectations for my first app though.

It took about a week after I submitted the app for it to go into review and be accepted. During that time I started to read up on how other developers were doing in the store. I mainly tried to just focus on the small to part-time developers as that is more like me. There were some that talked about doing pretty well while the majority seemed to be a tad discouraged.

This worried me a little as I would really love to work for myself full-time and really get something going by making iOS and Android mobile apps. The more I read it seemed like the small to part-time developers were getting a few downloads a day and lucky to hit double digits. So when Password Crafter finally hit the App Store I figured I would be happy if I could even do that well.

Again, I had no expectations and having little to no downloads wouldn’t have surprised me. Especially when you consider that there was not any marketing, submissions to review sites, or any push on app centric websites. So when I checked the statistics of the app I was completely surprised that for the release weekend (Feb 23 – Feb 26), the Lite version had 366 downloads and the Full version had 28 downloads. You can see the daily breakdown in the charts below.

I’m sure a lot of the downloads were probably just due to the fact that it was newly released and I expect things to trend down from here. Considering everything though, from my point of view I see my first iOS app as a success.

Password Crafter Lite Release Weekend Sales Chart
Password Crafter Lite had a total of 366 downloads during the  release weekend.
Password Crafter Release Weekend Sales Chart
Password Crafter had a total of 28 downloads during the release weekend.


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