Office Quadcopter Released

I originally had the idea for Office Quadcopter about 4 years ago. Unfortunately, since I only do mobile app development in my spare time, I didn’t really have an opportunity to see it through. Lately, though I really wanted to dedicate more time to keeping up with mobile app development and get some of my own ideas off the ground. Since I started Office Quadcopter so long ago, I wanted to update it using Swift instead of Objective-C.

Luckily I have spent time learning the Swift programming language, so porting it over wasn’t too hard. I did have to look up some specific ways to accomplish things with Swift. After dedicating some time, I was actually able to finish the game.

The idea for the game originally came from me flying around a little quadcopter I had gotten around the office of my day job. Most of the people around the office found it funny but there were some who were annoyed by it. Then it also became a game sometimes for people to try to knock it down either physically or with dart guns. This made me think it might be a fun and interesting game to make.

Try it out and download Office Quadcopter from the App Store.

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