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Stumbled but Refocusing on Working Out

Beachbody goals and progress
I have listed my goals and where I am starting at. I’ll be providing updates every week!

So I got back on the scale today and noticed that I had gained back half of what I previously lost when I was doing my P90X3 workouts. As I have previously stated I got out of my workout and Shakeology routine recently, but didn’t really check how bad it had gotten. I could just feel that I was getting out of shape again though.

This morning I jumped on the scale and I weighed 167.8. I have gained 7lbs since March. I was very disappointed that I had let so much progress slip away. In that time I have not kept up with any type of workouts. I didn’t do any weight workouts, none of the Beachbody workout programs, and didn’t stay consistent with my Shakeology. So I was not very active at all.

Well it’s time for me to get myself back on track, and I wanted to put my new plan and goals out there to hold myself accountable. The new plan is to start back up on my weight workouts while doing P90X3 till my girlfriend and Beachbody Coach, Anna, gets done with her 21 day fix workouts. Then we will both start on Insanity! For my weight workouts, I’ll be working out 3 days a week doing various free weight exercises.

Until I can really go full-out into the other Beachbody programs, I believe that I need my weight workouts to keep up what little muscle mass I have. My goal for the weight training will be to get up to 225lbs x 10 for my last bench set and want to do 25lbs x 25 for curls. My measurement goals are to weigh 150lbs and have a 30″ waist, 43″ chest, 17″ biceps, and 13% body fat.

I want to accomplish these goals by the end of Insanity program. I plan to start doing check-ins every week to chronicle my results. Hopefully seeing each week what happens to my body will be further motivation to keep working hard. I’m estimating that would put my final check-in at October 19th. This is when I will have accomplished my goals. I’m going to have to really dedicate myself to not giving in to excuses and making sure I always get my workouts in. It really is a matter of making the time instead of looking for reasons I don’t have time. Hopefully my fitness journey will help others and show that it is ok to stumble. You just have to dust yourself off and refocus that energy to motivate yourself to go for your goals!

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