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Starting Insanity Workouts

So my girlfriend, Anna and I finally started the Insanity Workouts by Beachbody. It isn’t exactly fair because Anna has been instructing an insanity class at Turbo Fitness and Nutrition in Carrollton, TX. It’s ok. It just means that I will have try to hard and catch up with her.

Insanity Workouts Before Pics
Showing off how much work I need. Will post periodic after pics as I go through the Insanity program.

As you can see from the pics I need a lot of work in my mid section as well as getting some definition all over. These pics are hard to look at but hopefully will be a great motivator to get my butt in gear and do great with the Insanity program.

I also want to tone up and improve what little definition I have. Hopefully by the time I’m done with the program I’ll have some more lines that help to show off the muscles. To help with that I have decided to add in a couple of weight workouts each week. This will help add a little more muscle mass.

So with the combination of Insanity and weights, I’m hoping that Insanity will help burn off the body fat while the weight workouts will add some mass. I’ll be documenting my progress along the way so everyone can hold me accountable, and see the outcome of my hard work. I am positive that I can work hard and achieve my goals.

We are currently in the first week of Insanity and it is super hard. Even though it is hard it is also fun. It really pushes you to the limits. So far it has been mostly cardio. I don’t mind that at all since I play indoor soccer. This can only help me! Also a lot of the moves are ones that help in speed and quickness. That definitely will not hurt to have.

I would say wish me luck, but I know luck will play no part in this. This will be all about my will power and hard work!

You can also follow my fitness journey on Beachbody. If you need someone to help you stay focused and motivated or just want someone to talk fitness with then feel free to hit me up on here or on my Beachbody page.




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