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Insanity Classes Now At American Indoor Sports in Carrollton

Certified Insanity Instructor, Anna Turos, will be holding Insanity workout classes at American Indoor Sports Facility in Carrollton on Mondays at 7pm.
Certified Insanity Instructor, Anna Turos, will be holding Insanity workout classes at American Indoor Sports Facility in Carrollton, TX on Mondays at 7pm.

My girlfriend, Anna Turos got into Beachbody last year. She liked the nutrition guides as well as the workout programs. She became really involved in it and wanted to help people so she decided to become a coach. Since she was so interested in Beachbody, I helped her research different things. I wanted to make sure everything was legit and that it would help her to reach her goals. I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered and soon got involved by signing up for Shakeology as well as the P90X3 program.

Last year my interests were very scattered for a lot of reasons and I was really disappointed in myself for not keeping up with my fitness. This year I’m dedicating a lot more focus to make sure I stay fit and get back in shape. Late last year Anna became a certified Insanity instructor. She loves the workouts and her goal is to really help others reach their fitness goals. To help she is also focusing more on expanding her Beachbody coaching efforts.

Unfortunately, becoming certified doesn’t guarantee a place to teach it. She originally started out teaching Insanity at a small local nutrition and fitness place. This was ok, but it was a little far to go and the place didn’t market her classes very well. This was a shame because just with what little marketing she did for herself she helped them bring in new members.

So she stopped teaching there and looked for opportunities closer to home. She looked around at some other fitness clubs and places that rent out space. Fortunately American Indoor Sports Facility in Carrollton had a great workout place to rent and the location is great for us. We live in Lewisville, TX so Carrollton is right down I-35. Anna decided that this location would be a great start.

She is now offering Insanity classes on Monday nights at 7pm. If you like the Insanity DVD workout program, you will love the live classes. You will probably recognize a lot of the moves, but the live classes are constructed a little differently. It is not just for Insanity buffs. Anna shows a lot of modifications for the moves so the class is good for people of all fitness levels. It also helps that Anna encourages all the participants to go at their own pace. This isn’t a class where everyone is in sync. As long as you are pushing yourself and putting in the work, you’ll get a lot out of the class. She’ll push you to the limits, but she understands that each person has their own ability level. The class is really fun and it is very encouraging to see how you improve from class to class.

Any questions feel free to reach out to Anna.

Insanity Class Times

Mondays @ 7pm

Insanity Class Location

American Indoor Sports Facility (Upstairs)
1400 West Hebron Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75010

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