Why 2015 Will Be Different

Every year people make New Year resolutions that they keep making year after year. I am no exception. There are many goals I set for myself and for some reason or another I just don’t follow through. This year is going to be different.

I don’t expect it will be different just because I say so. Plus words are really easy to say. It will be different because I am making it a priority. There will always be things that come up in life and there will always be a reason to not follow through. So you really have to want it and put in the work to reach your goals. There is a difference between just saying you want something and truly wanting it.

2015 will be about doing and not just saying.
2015 will be about doing and not just saying.

When it’s really important to you, you will start making excuses and reasons to follow through. I am at that point for some of my goals that I keep repeating. One of which is getting myself back in the shape I want to be in. I use to keep myself in top shape, but especially recently I have just done the bare minimum and it shows. I’ve been too content to not push myself and I can feel it.

So I’m dedicating this year to get myself back in top shape. My goals for fitness will be 155lbs at 10% body fat. Hopefully this will also help me get the 6-pack I’ve always wanted. So that is a goal as well.  I also want to get my speed and quickness up. So I am making the goals of 4.7 secs 40-yard dash and 4.3 secs in the 20-yard shuttle. I think all these are very attainable. As I strive for my goals I’ll probably be posting a lot about fitness and nutrition this year.

Another goal I want to focus on is increasing my financial success. I have played with the stock market a little now and am doing pretty good. I want to focus more on it though and really be an active trader as well as look for investments that will give me greater returns. Right now I’m definitely not hurting for money, but I want to make a realistic goal of being as financially set as I can be. This will not only help me in the short-term, but will also set me up for success in the future. It is starting to get too late to think that there is plenty of time to worry about retirement. The time is now!

These are just a couple important goals that I’m going to stop procrastinating on. This year I’m more motivated than ever and have a new eye toward success. Look out 2015, here I come.

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