It is Never Too Late to Finish College…Right?

Books to finish collegeHere I am approaching 40 and I would never have imagined that I would be going back to finish college. When I originally started college back in 1996, I had big ambitions to finish college quickly. I couldn’t wait to get my degree. Then I would start a good paying career. Well, it seems life did not care about my plans.

I previously wrote about what having a degree meant to me. For the most part, it still rings true. As I grow older though, I have a stronger regret from not finishing my degree. All that time and effort feels wasted. This regret made me start looking for online programs in which I could finish my degree. At first, I put the idea on hold because I had a hard time finding an online degree program for Computer Science. 

Lately the desire to look for an online degree in Computer Science resurfaced.  I see how important machine learning and artificial intelligence is becoming in the computer science field. I thought about attempting to learn these skills on my own. After I researched the field, I determined it would be better to learn from experts. I decided to look for online computer science degree programs again that would allow me to take classes in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

After researching various options, Regis University stood out. I liked the fact it had artificial intelligence classes listed on its program requirements for a BS in Computer Science. The program that allows students to get their BS in Computer Science and a Masters of Science in tandem also caught my attention. With some extra effort, I could get a Masters in Data Science. This would allow me to learn more about machine learning. I also found high rankings for Regis University by various sources and this cemented my decision to apply.

Getting my Bachelor’s degree and possibly my Master’s would not only add to my skill set in a very competitive field, but it would also fulfill my own personal goals and aspirations. 

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I was originally born in Missouri, but traveled around most of my childhood. My mom finally got tired of moving while we were in Dallas, Texas and I have been here ever since. After high school I started college at the University of North Texas (UNT) and started working in the computer field. I currently work for JCPenney as a front end software engineer for their e-commerce website. Before this I worked for AT&T about 12 years and started with them in 1999 (when they were Southwestern Bell). I have many passions and I really love photography. Besides photography I also love sports. I not only like to watch it, but I also love to play. Currently my friends and I play indoor soccer and flag football.

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