Getting involved in the blogging world!

Just installed this blog site so I could start blogging my ideas and thoughts. I have been offline for quite awhile and tried to ignore the online world. Unfortunately that is just really opposite of my nature. So I have decided to jump back in and start being me. While I will have a stronger online presence, I will not be married to the online world. I have a real life and am very active in sports. I’m sure there will be times I go missing on here for long stretches, but hopefully that just means I’ll have good stories to blog about! 🙂

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I was originally born in Missouri, but traveled around most of my childhood. My mom finally got tired of moving while we were in Dallas, Texas and I have been here ever since. After high school I started college at the University of North Texas (UNT) and started working in the computer field. I currently work for JCPenney as a front end software engineer for their e-commerce website. Before this I worked for AT&T about 12 years and started with them in 1999 (when they were Southwestern Bell). I have many passions and I really love photography. Besides photography I also love sports. I not only like to watch it, but I also love to play. Currently my friends and I play indoor soccer and flag football.

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