Goal: 6-Pack, For Real This Time

6-Pack AbsEvery year around this time I always renew my goal to get in shape and get a 6-pack. I always fall short and just chalk it up to it just not being in my nature to get one.

But this year I’m really going to do it. I’ve already gotten a head start by losing some weight when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I was down to 150, but with this past horrible weekend I think I’ve gained back about 5 lbs. I think that if I could lose 10 lbs of fat and tone up I can finally achieve that 6-pack.

In the past I always said I wanted to meet my goal by Halloween, but I’ve started way too late for that. So let’s just set the timetable to  my birthday. If I can accomplish it by then I’ll be happy.
So for those around me during this time period do what you can to help out. Smack me, call me names, or do whatever you think might help if you see me slacking!

After some debating, I’ve decided that I’ll post pics of my journey. I’ll take a before pic and then pics every so often to judge my progress. I’ll wait to post the pics til I have something to compare. Until then I have a pic of what I want to accomplish! 🙂

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