COVID-19: Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are on day 72 of the coronavirus pandemic. News that the virus is right in our backyard rocked our local community. Frisco is ground zero for the Collin County outbreak of the coronavirus. Residents have ravished local stores for their Lysol disinfectants and toilet paper. It looks like people are preparing for a long quarantine period. I have not prepared.

Maybe I’m in disbelief or just naive to the severity of the pandemic. I have not stocked up on anything. I hope I don’t run out of clean water and toilet paper. My butt would never forgive me. Not only is toilet paper scarce, but the stock market is dropping farther and farther. Even worse than the financial market, the coronavirus has hit the entertainment industry hard.

Establishments are canceling events left and right. Even the NBA suspended their season. If that wasn’t bad enough, news came this morning that even Tom Hanks was susceptible to the virus. He contracted the coronavirus while in Australia filming his new movie. Hopefully, he doesn’t face any severe complications and recovers quickly. Which major star will get the coronavirus next?

What am I to do for entertainment? I may have to go back to prehistoric methods and actually engage with nature. I might have to get out of the house and walk around. Maybe skip some rocks. I just don’t know. No matter what I do, I know I’ll have to make sure that I don’t come into contact with anyone because you never know who the infected are.

Is this how it all ends?

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