RatScrew App Submission

RatScrew Play Screenshot
Screenshot of RatScrew game play. It is a highly addictive and sometimes frustrating game!

I finally finished my second iOS app, RatScrew. It took a little longer than I figured, but I think overall it is a very good product. It is definitely highly entertaining! It is based on the fun and addictive card game Egyptian Ratscrew.

This is my first game and as such there was a lot to learn in the way of unanticipated bugs. In programming a normal app it is pretty straight forward and there really is only a set way the user interacts with the app. Unfortunately with a game it is a lot less predictable. During play testing a lot of bugs came up that I just never even anticipated because my approach was too logical in the way game play is supposed to go.

This was a great learning experience though and really helped me see where I can improve for updates and other games I want to develop. Now unfortunately is the waiting game. It normally takes Apple about 7 days to review apps and get them on the iTunes App Store. So I am anticipating a release date of April 5th for RatScrew for the iPhone/iPad. This of course is if they don’t find anything wrong during the approval process. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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