2010 Top 10 List: Quotes

Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory holding ZazzlesHere are some quotes I found funny or interesting from this year. Please feel free to share some of your own, create your own top 10 quotes list, or just comment on mine.

  • 10. “Glad I’m already locked for the playoffs.” — John
  • 9. “Do I have to be famous to adopt another country’s accent? I really enjoy saying “lickle” instead of “little”. — Clark
  • 8. “Beer-smelling Gatorade” — Tomiko
  • 7. “Well length can change…you will need wide though since your feet are so big” — Fedil
  • 6. “Heteroflexible. As in… I’m straight, but shit happens”
  • 5. “Sitting in a car waiting to crash a quinceanera in my pink unitard….the things you do for kids” — Stephen
  • 4. “I want to get chocolate wasted.”
  • 3. “He’s so… zazzy!” — Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)
  • 2. “Wow. So were you born the same time as Jesus?!” — Madilyn
  • 1. “I thought it was gum.” — Paris Hilton, denying responsibility for packet of cocaine Las Vegas police found in her bag. (This is too funny on multiple levels!)

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